Today, the market offers a huge range of home grills that differ in principle, size, materials used in the manufacture and other parameters. They can be electric, gas and coal. A good overview of the choice of grill you can find in the article weber e310 vs e330.

Electric grill

The electric grill is a compact device designed for indoor use. It can be placed on a table or worktop without fear of damaging the surface. Most models are easy to disassemble and wash in the dishwasher, and thanks to their small size they are easy to store. When choosing an electric grill, you should pay attention to the following characteristics:

  1. Type of appliance. There are electric grilles of open, closed and universal type.  In the first case, the food will have to be turned over for even roasting. Closed models allow you to cook like in an oven – it will brown evenly on all sides. The most convenient are the universal electric grills – they can be both open and closed, due to which it will be easy to choose a suitable cooking mode.
  2. Heat treatment method. Electric grills can be contact and non-contact – in the first case the food will come into contact with the heating element. 
  3. Worktop material. The worktop can be made of metal, glass ceramic or cast iron.  The vitrified clay models are very easy to clean. Cast iron and metal are considered more durable, but they take longer to warm up and are more difficult to clean.
  4. Case material. The casing of the low-cost electric grilles is usually made of plastic, but stainless steel devices are considered more reliable and durable. 
  5. Temperature control. By adjusting the temperature, you can set a suitable cooking mode and avoid burning the food.  Modern models can be equipped with a display that shows the heating temperature, which is convenient and easy to use.
  6. Power. The higher the power of the device, the faster it will heat up and the less time it will take for cooking, so it is advisable to prefer powerful models, even though they consume less electricity.  Powerful electric grills from 2000 W are considered to be.

Gas grill

The advantage of gas-fired grills is that they can be used to cook food on open fire, which gives it a special taste. Such devices should be installed in outdoor areas, such as in the yard or on the veranda. They are connected to a gas cylinder with the volume of 5-10 liters, which will suffice for several hours of work. For example, today the market presents gas grills that consume only 0.5 liters of gas per hour, that is, a small 5-liter gas cylinder will suffice for 9-10 hours of work! The gas cylinder can be combined with a grill, or it will have to be purchased separately. This should also be taken into account when choosing the right model. When choosing a gas grill, you must pay attention to the important details:

  1. Number of burners. Thanks to the large number of burners, it is possible to cook several dishes at the same time, for which different temperature conditions are required.  Therefore, it is essential to make sure that the flame intensity is adjusted on each burner.
  2. Stability. For safe use, it is very important that the device does not wobble and that the lid opens smoothly, without much effort. 
  3. Comfortable design. Many modern models have wheels for easy movement, and sidewalls and shelves for convenient product placement. 
  4. Skewers can be installed. The bonus will be the ability to install skewers and prepare not only stacks, but also everyone’s favorite kebab. 
  5. Grid material. Most often the grids are made of cast iron, stainless steel or cast iron with porcelain coating.  The most popular and practical material is cast iron. Stainless steel will also last for many years. Choosing a model with porcelain grilles, you will have to handle them carefully.