Experts in the field of fishing rightly advise to take seriously the choice of the first boat for fishing purposes. Rumor has it that no matter how hard a beginner tries, he still can not buy a boat successfully. But the purchase of a second boat is already more conscious. It is better to orientate to known manufacturers. For example, you can take a look at the finval boat. So let’s try to help beginners to find a good fishing boat from the first time.

Aluminum boats

Alloys with aluminum used for the production of boats and boats are quite versatile and reliable material.  Such water transport is not afraid of uneven, rocky shores for descent, will serve for a long time, not upsetting rust or scratches on the bottom. In addition, the solid body makes it possible to install a temporary or fixed tent, remote control, comfortable interior. The boat gets an enclosed space for protection from rain, and sleeping on water under the roof becomes much more comfortable than in an open inflatable boat.

Disadvantage: the cost of such boats is higher than that of inflatable boats, they require a more powerful motor, there are additional inconveniences in storage and transportation.

Fiberglass boats

It is not for nothing that modern fiberglass material has rapidly won millions of fans.  It allows you to give the bottom any shape, repeating the finest curves – it benefits the running properties of the body. Fiberglass fiberglass boats look stylish and modern, are quite light and strong, and behave with equal confidence in river and sea water. For all types of shore except for the sharp stones, a GRP boat is the best choice. Compared to aluminium, the plastic is almost silent. Both aluminium and plastic boats can be equipped with motors (fixed or outboard), awnings and other protective accessories for increased comfort.

Disadvantage: plastic cases (as opposed to metal ones) require a slightly more careful approach to the rocky shore.

Selection criteria for fishing boats

Now let’s consider what to pay attention to when choosing a specific model of floating device. By choosing each of the options below, you can create an approximate portrait of your future purchase.

  1. Selecting an engine. The permissible motor power is directly related to the size and displacement of the boat. In a small body of water there is no need to use high-speed modes, and for lakes and rivers with sills, rapids, shoals give preference to the engines of the water cannon.
  2. The size of the boat. The size of the boat should be correlated with the nature of future fishing, the type of water body and the number of participants on board. Experienced fishermen necessarily advised to take into account the geographical characteristics of the region where the planned holiday. For two partners without overnight and not far from home is quite useful inflatable model. And for a company of 5-6 people the best option would be a well-equipped boat with a tent from the weather, lockers and holders of fishing rods. 
  3. Transportation and storage. Once you have decided on the power, size and design, it is worth thinking about where the boat will be stored and how it will be transported. Boats can winter in the car garage. To get to the place of fishing you will need a trailer to the car or a system of fastening to the roof of the car, if the boat is light.

Budget. How much you are willing to spend on a boat or a boat depends on whether you can afford the products of a fashion brand or if you have to search among small, less well-known/popular companies (we advise you to choose well-known manufacturers with a well-established customer base and positive feedback history, for example, you can consider finval 475).