PUBG is a “battle royale” game; players (there are about 100 in each match) are dropped off on a huge island, scattered with large population centers and separate groups of houses. No one has weapons initially (only fists) – pistols, assault rifles, ammo, armor, first-aid kits, and other useful items must be searched for on the spot. All items, like vehicles, are scattered around the rooms randomly – and where there was nothing in one match, in the next one you can find a machine gun, a scope and a mountain of ammo.

To keep players from hiding in different corners of the map, a large circle appears in the game a few minutes after the start. Everyone outside the circle takes health damage; over time, the circle narrows and the damage to those outside the circle increases. As a result, players are forced to be constantly on the move – first you have to arm yourself well, and then move with the safe zone. The game is on elimination: having died, you can not be revived on the same map. Whoever survives to the end (it can be one player or a team of 2-4 people) wins. If you have trouble accessing the game, you can learn how to download pubg after ban in India.

What’s interesting about it?

PUBG has several important components:

  1. since the player has no chance to be reborn again, you have to treat the life of your character in every match as responsibly as possible: retreat rather than rush into the “meat grinder”; look carefully around the corner before entering the room; don’t even shoot enemies running in the distance so as not to attract their attention;
  2. at the beginning of the match all players are equal: there is no “progression”, like in Battlefield 1 and Star Wars: Battlefront II, when the one who spends more time in the game gets an advantage – a new weapon or ability;
  3. a consequence of the previous one: having landed on the island, the player begins to collect items; usually, at first he finds only a pistol or shotgun, a little later – a backpack, a bulletproof vest and a machine gun, further – scopes, ammo and ammunition; thanks to this player feels a constant development – having started with nothing, in a few minutes he is fully ready for battle;
  4. communication is a very important part of team play in PUBG, especially when the partners are familiar people; then the game reveals even more: you choose the drop-off point, keep an eye on the enemies nearby, share weapons and ammo, cover and treat each other.

It all came together so well that millions of players bought a copy of Battlegrounds India before its official release – an alpha version of the game has been on sale through Steam since March 2017. It was poorly optimized, closed frequently, and had only one map, but the game was still addictive. With the official release of the game, which was held on December 21, the second map (in the desert) was added, as well as a “parkour” mode – the character is now able to climb over small obstacles and jump into windows. This is significant, considering that previously, players had to press three buttons to jump over a low fence.