Let’s talk about video slots of the reel type. In these applications, things are a little different. To begin with, getting free spins during the next round as a bonus, you don’t have to wager them. This is a big plus for players, as during these spins odds of successful combinations very often increase several times, which means that the winnings can be quite large even with a small bet.

In order to understand what is the free spins in slot machines, we must deal with another term of gambling – Scatter. This scatter symbol, which got its name because it can perform bonus functions, appearing not on a single payline in a number of pieces, but on any reels. Usually enough of these three icons to get free spins. In rare cases, even two will be enough. This symbol is very loved by gamers, as it gives the right to a real freebie without any obligations (even hidden ones).

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How to get free spins

In the case of slot machines, everything is simple. If we are talking about free spins as the initial rewards, it is worth talking about this in a little more detail. Sometimes free spins can be issued not immediately after registration, but after the first deposit. However, it changes the essence, wagering them all the same.

In some cases, to get free spins, just put a check mark in the special box at registration. Sometimes they get, typing a special promotional code, which is issued as a gift on third-party resources related to the casino affiliate relationship. If you are registered at the casino and have not visited it for a long time, the administration, seeing that, may send you a letter with an offer to get free spins. To the letter will be attached a promo code or description of another way that will “hook” you on the promotional offer. In fact, there are quite a few options. Don’t worry, if you decide to start gambling, you will find out about all of them. The main thing is to decide exactly: do you need these bonuses?

Is it possible to earn on free spins

Make money on such spins, of course, you can. In principle, they are no different from the usual spins for money. The question is how much you can get, and how quickly you can withdraw your winnings. It is not about free spins, issued after the appearance on the reels Scatter, talk about all the same – the welcome rewards. Do not count on large sums and do not forget about the wager. It happens so: withdrawal 1 000 dollars, but have already managed to lose 10 000. 

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