Electrical installation should be provided to a qualified electrical repair new york company. Of course, you will not be able to save money, but you will get a reliable wiring and, importantly, you will be confident in the safety of its operation. The article is intended for those people who need to save more than reliability and safety, and maybe you do not trust qualified workers. Either way, if you decide to electrify the house, apartment, or make minor repairs in the electrician, the article will be useful to you.

Where to start

The first thing to do is to determine where the devices will be connected, where the lights and switches will be, and to determine the approximate power of the devices that will be plugged into these or those sockets. Next, it is necessary to distribute all the electrical points into zones, each zone will have a separate automatic machine. In some cases where the load is too high, e.g. the electric stove, a separate line with a separate automatic machine should be drawn out.

Consider the socket example: the standard socket is designed for a current of max. 16 A, which means that it is recommended to load the area of the dispenser max. 16 A, even if many sockets are connected to this area. Here is the reason: let’s say you decided to hang 5 sockets in one zone, therefore, this is one automatic machine, add the maximum power of all 5 sockets to calculate the protective automatic machine is fundamentally wrong. After all, it is ideally devices from all 5 sockets will consume energy equally, in practice, only one socket can work at a time, but if the machine is designed for 5 loads of 16 A, it becomes clear that one socket just burn from such overload (provided that it will be connected to the appropriate device).

In other words, when designing an electrician, all components of the electric circuit (wiring, sockets, terminals, etc.) must separately withstand the current for which the dispenser is designed to protect this area (branch). This is an important point which must be well remembered!

How to select the wire cross-section

Then we will talk about copper wire, aluminum wires are no longer used for wiring. Shops still sell wiring with aluminum cores, it is designed to repair the old aluminum wiring, new copper wires can not be twisted with aluminum old cores. However, connections of different metals can be made with terminals, so it is possible to partially repair the old wiring with a new copper cable. 


So we have come to such an important topic as grounding. It is important not only because it is designed to protect a person, but also because a wrongly made grounding will not only not protect against electric shock, but can itself be the cause of this shock! In particular, we will address this issue when there is simply no grounding bus in the home shield.

Where grounding is required

There are a lot of devices that simply do not have such contact – TVs, chargers, various devices with plastic cases. For example, a kettle has a ground contact on the fork, but if the case is plastic, grounding is not relevant. However, there are a lot of devices with metal housings, from a computer to a washing machine, such devices require grounding contact in a socket. Another thing is that if there is no grounding wire in the electrical board, if all appliances were plastic and had no contact with water, it would not be a problem. But no one cancelled refrigerators, microwaves, and especially washing machines and water heaters. The topic has been topical for many years, and professional electricians will argue about it for a long time to come. So it is better to order the services of professionals.