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In this ep, Hines and Michael talk about the Chiefs game, and what the Steelers will have to do to beat the Patriots in the AFC Championship.  We also chat about the infamous Facebook Live video, and covering the game in Foxborough on Sunday!  Go Steelers!Listen to Episode

52: James Harrison Speaks

Today we're talking to Deebo...none other than #92 James Harrison (@jhharrison92)  We talk about the famous Superbowl Interception, how he keeps his body up, his thoughts on parenting, and on this year's Steelers squad.  Then we get into our picks for the week! This episode brought to you by Organifi.  Get 20% off your order…Listen to Episode

047: Is It Time To Replace Tomlin?

Today's episode of HWS:  We talk the Election, the 3 game skid by the Steelers, and whether or not it's time to replace Coach Tomlin.  Then we get into our picks of the week. This episode brought to you by Organifi.  Get your Superfood green drink delivered right to your door by using the promo…Listen to Episode

039: Talking Fantasy Football with Hines

Today we're jamming on Fantasy Football.  Not surprisingly, Hines Ward knows not only the minute details about each player, but gives away some of the strategy that led him to his championship Fantasy season last year, despite it being the first season he'd ever played.  We also answer your Fantasy Football questions from Facebook.  Listen to Episode

038: Tackling Concussions and CTE with Hines Ward

Playing many years in the NFL subjects a player to thousands of hits, and it wasn't until recently that they discovered that these hits have had a cumulative effect on the body and brain of the player.  CTE, or Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) is a progressive degenerative disease of the brain found in athletes (and others)…Listen to Episode

029: Hines Ward on Joining CNN!

On today's episode of the Hines Ward Show! Hines and Michael talk about Hines' new gig with CNN, what factors he considered before joining, how nervous he is to work with a teleprompter, and how he's going to apply his football work ethic to becoming a better broadcaster. Then we read a few iTunes reviews…Listen to Episode

028: Master Impersonator Frank Caliendo

Master impressionist Frank Caliendo joins us on the show to to talk how he got started, how his career transitioned, and how he'd like to move his career forward from this point. Bio: Born at the age of three in northern Illinois, Frank was already ahead of his time. Even on the day of his…Listen to Episode

025: Pittsburgh Dad

Pittsburgh Dad, The Internet show was created by Chris Preksta and Curt Wootton. Preksta, a native of Munhall and a graduate of Point Park University and Pittsburgh Filmmakers, serves as director. Wootton, a native of Greensburg, Pennsylvania who graduated from West Virginia University, plays the "Pittsburgh Dad". Wootton and Preksta met on the set of…Listen to Episode

014: Hines Back on TV?

In this episode of the Hines Ward Show, we chat about a new potential TV gig Hines has in store, helping your kid understand the importance of homework (and how to use football to influence him to do it!), what to do with video game addiction, and Hines' charity golf tournament in Pittsburgh.  We also…Listen to Episode

012: Taco Bell for Valentine’s Day?

Today we get to meet Lindsey Georgalas Ward, who stops by the studio to dish up the dirt on Hines.  We talk about her career in dancing, and how Hines courted her.  Then, we jump into current NFL news, including the rule changes for the 2016 season, what it's like to compete for a starting…Listen to Episode

011: Anthony Jeselnik…The Hines Ward of Comedy?

Anthony Jeselnik is one of the most brilliant comics on the scene today.  His slicing sarcasm and cocky delivery barely mask his delight at hearing laughs and groans from the audience.  His facial expression implies that he knows a secret that we don't, and if you're not smart enough to figure it out, then that's…Listen to Episode

009: Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeath!!!

Heeeeeeeeeeeeath. For 11 seasons, Heath Miller ran over the middle, said almost nothing, and moved the chains for the Pittsburgh Steelers.  His sudden retirement at the age of 33 caught Steelers Nation, and the rest of NFL Fandom by huge surprise. We here at the HWS were the first interview he did, post-retirement, and we're happy…Listen to Episode

008: Happy 40th Birthday Hines!

Hines and Michael chat about how he spent his 40th birthday, how to have a winners/positive mindset, even though things aren't going that well in your life, how to "compare up", show gratitude, and keep a smile on your face.  Then they chat about some current football news, including the departure of Mike Ditka, retirement…Listen to Episode

003: Guy Fieri Talks Food & Football

Guy Fieri stops by the show today to talk with Hines and Michael.  Guy is one of Hines' favorite chefs, and considers him the reason he got into cooking.  Guy gives us some pointers on kitchen essentials, impressing your date with a meal, his great new show on the food network, "Guy and Hunter" Fridays…Listen to Episode